Sunday, December 28, 2008

Toys for the Gardener

This year all my Santas were very generous with the garden gifts. From the appropriately named Silver Bells trellis to the high quality Felco pruning sheers, I received many items only a gardener would love.

I am very excited about trying out my Muck Boot shoes. They feel very comfortable, cover my whole foot and they are waterproof! These new shoes should take care of the problem I had with my old shoes – dirt getting inside.

This spring I will try out the Soil Scoop. It should help make fast work of planting a couple dozen pots. It also has a serrated edge that will come in handy for weeding. I’ll make an official report after I give it a test drive.

My daughters must have heard my complaints about handling thorny plants and they selected the Tool Grip Garden Gloves. These gloves have a thick latex coating that claims to be thorn resistant. They also gave me a beautiful terra-cotta pot coated in dormant moss. The moss will begin to grow when the pot is planted.

Last, but certainly not least was the beautifully packaged Weeder’s Friend lotion. The product is designed to stop itching with ingredients like comfrey, lemongrass, lavender and jewelweed. Besides a great label, the decorative packaging includes a clay pot shard attached with twine and a little rake ornament. Very sweet.

I am counting down the days until spring arrives and I can actually begin using all my new garden toys!

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  1. Hi Hostabuff, you certainly received the perfect gifts for a gardener. I have the felcos and the soil scoop and love them both. I have the high top muck boots for extra protection from thorny vines, mud and poison ivy. The good thing about them is the neoprene material keeps you cool in the summer when rubber would turn your legs into burning limbs. You are lucky that your santas understand what a gardener really wants! :=)


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