Monday, September 5, 2011

Yellow Twig Project Redefined

When I started digging in my Yellow Twig garden, I didn’t plan on adding a dozen hostas to the space. The project was originally designed to create more garden space for existing plants. As a hosta collector, I’m always increasing the size of the gardens to support the increasing size of the plants.

The Yellow Twig project became a little bigger than I had planned. I worked on defining the space over a couple of weeks – carving and re-carving the curve to mirror the curve of the garden on the other side of the path. Then I had to remove the grass – a great project for a supportive husband. I also added some soil because I like my garden beds slightly raised.

The result is nice, however not nearly enough space for all the hosta I had in pots that needed a home. I decided to add as many plants as I could, knowing I may have to move some in future years. I plan to also expand this garden next year. Increasing the size of a garden or two is an annual event at my home.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Hostas do not like our heat and humidity so I enjoy them through gardens like yours.

    Enjoy and have a great week.



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