Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bloom Day - November 2009

Just when I thought my only remaining garden pleasures were about fondling the dirt and removing dead foliage as I prepare for next spring...I found a number of blooming surprises as I worked in my northeast gardens this morning. I usually consider Allium Thunbergii the last to bloom each fall...
As you will see in the following pictures, that is not so this November. Echinacea Coconut Lime and Razzmattazz are still dotted with a touch of color. Even the yellow coneflower covered in seed pods offers one last harrah! I also share two of my favorite shrubs with continuous blooms from May to November (this year). Vibernum Snowflake and Daphne Summer Ice.
My Rosemary certainly qualifies as a shrub too. This plant is 7 years old and survives transplanting to a pot each fall to live in my kitchen for the winter. A few perennials in bloom include a pink flowering Guara, Veronica Royal Candles, and Helleborus HGC Joshua. A beautiful rasberry colored Snap Dragon is finally showing off its color! To view what's blooming for other Garden Bloggers in November, visit May Dreams Gardens, the originator of Bloom Day.


  1. What a beautiful Daphne - I've never seen that one before. So nice to see everything you've got in bloom.

  2. Beautiful snap - you have much more still blooming than I do in south-central CT.

  3. Hi Hostabuff, what a delight to see these late bloomers! Hmmm, we have the spring blooming Daphne odora. I would love to add a fall bloomer as well, yours is superb! I might need some snapdragons too. :-)
    BTW, my steps are concrete that we made ourselves. I wish they were granite! :-)

  4. What a beautiful eye you have. I'm going to have to add you to my side bar so I can check back regularly! Thanks!


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