Sunday, November 1, 2009

Summer Ice - That's Nice!

Last summer I added my first Daphne to my garden – and this summer I fell in love. I selected Daphne x transatlantica Summer Ice for the white rimmed gray-green leaves and the long blooming period, early spring to frost. All the photographs here were taken just today, November 1st. When I decided to add a Daphne to the garden, many people suggested Carol Mackie; a beautiful spring blooming variety with creamy-edged leaves. However I was attracted to Summer Ice for its round form, ongoing blooms and the bold fragrance of the flowers.

This bush grew significantly in its first year in my garden. Usually my new shrubs take 2-3 years to look happy in thier new home. Was the bush perfectly sited...did it like the rainy summer...or did it simply get a great start with the nursery? I guess I will never know why it performed so well this year. All I do know is that I have not been disappointed. Summer Ice’s buds start out a lovely shade of pink that burst into little white star-shaped flowers. It has been blooming profusely all season long. The flowers have a sweet and spicy scent, reminiscent of a gardenia. When I’m in the garden, the wafting scent is intoxicating. This is definitely one of my top performers for 2009.

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