Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enchanted Garden

I visited a beautiful garden in Minneapolis, Minnesota this summer - truly amazing.

  The Blair Filister garden was small, yet it felt so big.
The garden was planted with beautiful hostas, alpine plants and so much more. 

Water was a significant element in this garden. 

 In addition to unusual plantings, the owners had a very artistic eye
and have a lovely collection of garden sculpures. 



  1. Wow, what a lovely peaceful garden. I love all of the water features and the statuary, plus the lush greeness of it all.


  2. Great photos, they really give me a sense of what the garden must be like in person. It feels so calm and tranquil. I wonder if that has to do with a minimal amount of flowers and much of the visual interest coming from the foliage and interplay of textures and plant forms. I love the little head planters on the wall and the fish fountain - whimsical but not over the top.


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