Monday, October 4, 2010

What’s in a Garden Name?

Walkway Garden
 Do you have a name for your garden or names for your individual gardens - names that conjures up images of beauty, creativity, or even humor? New England is home to many wonderful gardens with intriguing names, like Rosecliff or Blithewold or Merryspring to name a few. These names conjure up images of what the garden might look like. I consider myself a creative type; however my garden names are much more functional.

Yellow Twig Garden

Most of my gardens are connected and flow through the yard like a brook flows through the woods. However I have 16 different garden names to identify different areas in the garden. These names are usually very practical and simply help me to identify where my plants live. Oh, once in the while a garden name may be inspired by some interesting element in the garden. However, more often the names are the result of a dominant plant, color or location in the yard, East Side, Katsura Garden, or Bird House.
Perennial Border
Robyn's Nest Garden
This year I prepared a new garden bed in the last uncultivated area in my yard. For a number of years, every time I walked by, the area sang out, “Plant me”. All summer I thought about names for this final garden that would be home to a sea of hostas. My inspiration was a stone planter in the shape of a woman’s head with seashells in her hair; garden art that looked a little like Greek sculpture. And then the name came to me. This last garden, the one that had been calling to me for years, would be the Sirens’ Garden.


  1. Geez, I have to come up with something better than backyard and frontyard. The best garden name I've heard is Mr. McGregor's Daughter's "Squirrelhaven."

  2. It is always interesting to hear how gardens or portions of them are named. Sirens' Garden -- love it.

    I once toured an Austin garden dubbed Fatal Flower Garden and wished I had met the owners to ask them about the name.

  3. I have common names for my borders like the left front border and the right front border. I will have to do a bit better. I do have one named 'the left handed mitten' since it looks like that shape. These pictures are sublime.

  4. Your gardens are lovely and the names have charm.

    Depending on how well my plans work out, the names change sometimes. The fanciful name for the whole place is Foxes Earth because my FIL was a foxhunter some years ago. The Upper Garden is separated from the Front Yard by the Azalea Walk. The Red Bed didn't materialize -- now it is the Fiesta Garden because red was joined by magenta, orange, yellow and blue.

  5. My entire yard is named "Blood, Sweat and Tears"; individual beds that are named (so are) are Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Earth, Wind & Fire, Guns n' Roses, The Temptations, The Drifters, The Kinks and the Supremes. Have a few more beds to go, but at least one will be The Rolling Stones! Almost forgot Chuck Berry and Herbie Hancock!

    1. Sounds like you have excellent taste!!! :)

  6. Your flower garden are very good to look at. Very beautiful. Very stress relieving.

    Lisa from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

  7. Well I named my vegetable garden after my fairy tattoo. Ember's garden. But like most called the rest by location. So looks like I could be a little more creative. Think I'll call the shady area on the other side, Slim Shady.

  8. Rebecca, I really like the name Slim Shady. I used to have a lot of shady gardens, however I lost some trees and now I'm a little slim on the shade!


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