Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do You Know Your Zone?

The plant hardiness zones identified by the USDA can help people select the plants that may grow successfully in their gardens. The zones are based on average low temperatures in the winter for different areas. The lower the zone number, the colder the winter.

The USDA recently updated the zone maps due to our warming climate. In my zip code, we moved from zone 6a to 6b. The average low winter temperature in 6b is 5 degrees warmer. A 5 degree shift in temperature does not sound like much, however as plant collector, I may have more confidence buying zone 6 plants than I have had in the past.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map

You can find the zone for a plant you are purchasing on the plant tag. I find this information helpful as I like to travel long distances for specialty nurseries and buy online - usually outside my zone.  Check out the updated USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Maps and be sure to check out the zone for your zip code as the zone can vary from one town to another.

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